Terms of use of site materials

  1. When using materials on the Internet, make references to the source of materials in the form: "Source: site www.accetera.com, author of the material." An active hyperlink to the site www.accetera.com should not be closed from indexing for search engines.

  2. When reproducing and otherwise using materials in printed form, it is necessary to make a text link or footnote: "Source:www.accetera.com website , author of the material, date the material was borrowed from the website www.accetera.com".

  3. It is allowed not to make references to the source of using the materials of the site www.accetera.com if there is a written permission from Accetera LLC.

  4. It is prohibited to use the materials of the site www.accetera.com for commercial purposes without the written permission of Accetera LLC.

  5. When using the Materials, processing of their original text is not allowed. Reduction or rearrangement of parts of the Materials, supplying them with illustrations, preface, afterword, comments or any explanations is allowed only to the extent that this does not lead to a distortion of the meaning of the Materials.

  6. For questions related to the use of the materials of the site www.accetera.com, including obtaining the permission of the Copyright Holder, you can contact by e-mail: info@accetera.com.