About Us

We provide comprehensive business process outsourcing and corporate consulting services in the areas of payroll, personnel administration, accounting, and law for international  clients. Based on the many years of experience we have accumulated while working with representatives of large, medium and small businesses we have built and refined clear business processes, which helped us to get a reputation among our clients of a reliable business partner.

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Accetera. Professionals with great experience in outsourcing

Our team has international competencies and detailed knowledge in its field, has an individual approach to each client and creates a unique climate in the company.

We value our employees and, in turn, create a favorable environment for them and choose a constructive approach to the interaction of all the team members, which has a positive effect on the quality of services and long-term stable sustainable relationships with our clients.

Accetera. Sensitive and attentive to the needs of customers

We understand the intricacies of our clients’ internal business processes. This helps us to provide quality services based on individual needs and specifics of their business.

We provide:

  • optimal timing
  • high responsibility
  • quality services
  • fast response to requests
  • timely consulting
Accetera. High service quality and advanced technologies

We are interested in creating a comfortable atmosphere for interacting with clients and for performing internal tasks. Therefore, we use the most modern technologies that provide transparency, efficiency and security at all stages of work:

  • carefully calibrated & streamlined business processes
  • modern information sharing portals
  • convenient & intuitive employee personal accounts
  • latest software releases