Peter Vago - Managing Director

Peter Vago

Managing Director

“The key to success is a proactive approach to work, attention to the needs of customers and employees, the search for fresh solutions and a positive outlook for the future.”

Peter Vago is one of the founders of Accetera.

Peter's area of ​​responsibility includes managing the sales department of outsourcing solutions, interacting and establishing relationships with clients, marketing, promotion, generation and implementation of new solutions to strengthen the company's position in the market.

Peter graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University with a master's degree in intercultural communications. Fluent in English, Russian and Hungarian. He also holds an MBA in Strategic Management from the Moscow Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

With almost 25 years of business development experience and 20 years of experience in leading business process outsourcing companies in Central Europe and the CIS, Peter runs Accetera with confidence.

Sergey Kazakov - Head of Accounting department

Sergey Kazakov

Head of Accounting department

"Don't know the way – let's come to the rescue! We help to find the right way in the intricacies of our legislation, so that the complex becomes simple for our clients».

Sergey Kazakov is one of the founders of Accetera.

In the company, Sergey is engaged in accounting automation, 1C integration with modules for international accounting, as well as ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle, Navision, used in the head offices of international companies.

Sergey is a professional certified accountant of the 7th level, a member of the Institute of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Russia, has an ACCA DipIFR diploma in international financial reporting.

Many years of experience in accounting in manufacturing and consulting companies allowed Sergey to go from an accountant to a chief accountant. At the moment, for more than 10 years, he has been working in the field of accounting outsourcing, being responsible for the completeness and quality of services.

He has extensive experience working with both Russian and foreign companies from various business areas in the preparation of financial and management reports in accordance with the requirements of RAS (Russian Accounting Standards) or IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Svetlana Domkina - Head of HRA department

Svetlana Domkina

Head of HRA department

"In my work, I adhere to the principle of perfectionism. Everything should be perfect both in thoughts and in documents.

Svetlana Domkina is one of the founders of Accetera.

Svetlana's key tasks are managing the division, supporting and advising clients in terms of personnel administration and document management, labor law issues, and ensuring compliance with the legal framework.

Having received a higher pedagogical education at the Russian State Pedagogical University. Herzen, Svetlana decided to change her professional activity and completed advanced training courses in the specialty "HR Manager" at the Retraining Center under the Administration of St. Petersburg.

Svetlana has been working in the field of HR administration for more than 25 years, in the direction of HR administration outsourcing – for more than 17 years, having started his career as an ordinary HR specialist, and subsequently developing his level of competencies to the level of a senior manager.

Ekaterina Punadina - Head of Payroll department

Ekaterina Punadina

Head of Payroll department

"Achieving results is possible only through caring for your employees, correctly setting priorities and a deep understanding of all work processes. I like this kind of work, and the work that I like ceases to be work.

Ekaterina Punadina is one of the founders of Accetera.

Ekaterina's expertise includes department management, quality control of services provided, compliance with high international company standards, timeliness and reliability of data processing.

Ekaterina graduated from the Academy of Labor and Social Relations (Ural Socio-Economic Institute) and has a higher education with a degree in Accounting, Analysis and Audit.

12 years of experience in the largest Russian and international outsourcing companies led Ekaterina to professional growth from the position of payroll accountant to group supervisor and, subsequently, to the position of top manager.