Self-service portal for employees

The self-service portal is a modern, technologically advanced, secure and convenient solution for client’s employees

As part of our services, we offer clients a cloud portal of our own design, which helps reduce administration costs and increase the convenience of processes related to payroll and personnel.

We currently make available to our clients the Pay Slip Archive where the employees can access their current pay slips and the payroll history.

Access and registration

Access is provided through any browser from any computer or mobile device without the need to install any additional software: the layout is flexibly adapted for viewing on mobile devices.

Customer employees receive emailed invitations for the first login to the portal. They can use any browser of their choice to register. The registration process does not require the participation of any persons on the side of the client company or Accetera.
Payroll software user licenses are not required for client employees to access their pay slips.


Only persons authorized by the administrator can access the portal. The use of external links to view or provide access to any information is prohibited.

Access is provided using the username and password set during registration; the procedure excludes the use of any temporary passwords known to anyone other than the user - even the administrator.

Simple passwords are not allowed: a complexity check is performed upon the initial registration and each time during the regular password change.

Access rights are set by preconfigured roles. Roles are assigned at the stage of integration of the portal with the payroll software.

Convenient Features

Client employees can access pay slips for the current month and for previous pay periods. Pay slips can be downloaded from the portal; for mass downloads there are filters by year/month. The notifications of new pay slips posted on the portal are received by email.

The functionality of the portal will be expanded and supplemented with new features.